The benefits

Providing an accessible, attractive and cleaner alternative to car journeys is at the heart of the Leeds City Region Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) - a major new programme of transport infrastructure investment secured as part of the West Yorkshire devolution deal.

From connecting people to economic and education opportunities, to reducing congestion, and improving our physical and mental health, enabling more us to travel on foot, by bike and by public transport has a vital role to play in making the region a great place to live and work.

With Public Health England estimating 1 in 20 deaths in West Yorkshire are attributable to air pollution, the case for making more trips on foot, by bike and by public transport has never been stronger.

Here are just some of benefits TCF is expected to deliver

  • Creating a cleaner, greener and better connected Leeds City Region
  • Improve journeys by bus, rail, bike and foot for 1.5 million people
  • Take up to 12 million car trips per year off our roads by 2036
  • 33 million rail journeys will be made easier by improvements to rail stations
  • Increase bus trips by up to 6%, rail trips by up to 4% and walking and cycling by 7% by 2036 contributing to our targets.
  • Against a forecasted increase in carbon emissions from transport, reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1.5% (up to 15,000 tonnes) from car travel by 2036.
  • Create more than 1,100 jobs by 2036
  • Add up to £1 billion to the economy by 2036
  • Support connectivity to 650 housing sites that have the potential to deliver 45,000 new homes, 220 employment sites and 1,573ha employment sites.