Calderdale A646/A6003 Corridor

The scheme will deliver a multimodal package of improvements to address identified pinch points, improve resilience to incidents and weather events and encourage modal shift along the A646/A6033.

Halifax is identified as a spatial priority area in the SEP. Improved links to the economic opportunities available in Halifax from the Upper Calder Valley will connect people to higher value jobs, whilst improvements to air quality through reduced congestion will deliver a better environment, ensuring ‘good growth’ credentials of the SEP are met. Potential improvements to public realm will also improve quality of life.

As part of the WYKRN, the A646/A6033 provides a key role linking Calderdale to the Greater Manchester City Region and to Lancashire. Improvements to this route will ensure sustainable growth of Halifax and surrounding economic centres such as Copley, whilst boosting the visitor economy by enhancing links with neighbouring areas. Increased accessibility of Halifax from the west will also complement parallel improvements planned on the A646/A6033, helping erode the productivity gap that exists with other areas, reducing barriers that deter future investment and improving the quality of life for residents.

Project Lead Calderdale Council
District/ Area Calderdale

West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund- £4.687m million

Calderdale Council - £0.352 million

Project Status Activity 5: Delivery
Start and end dates December 2021 - December 2024
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Other funders None
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This page was last updated February 2024.