Corridor Improvement Programme: Phase 1

The Corridor Improvement Programme (CIP) is a programme of low and medium cost highway interventions on strategic highway corridors on the Key Route Network (KRN). CIP aims to deliver benefits for all road users with an emphasis on reducing journey times, in order to improve connectivity and accessibility to economic growth sites including those located in spatial priority areas.

The Headline objective for the CIP programme is:

“To reduce congestion on priority highway corridors/junctions on the West Yorkshire Key Route Network, such as A61, A62, and A647, by 2025, which is constraining growth associated with new housing and employment sites in the Spatial Priority Areas”

In order to achieve this objective the programme aims to deliver the following target outcomes:

  • 8% reduction in journey times (all traffic);
  • 12% reduction in journey times for buses; and
  • 7% increase in bus frequency.

Phase 1 comprises of numerous projects across  to delivery junction improvements by 2026.

Project Lead West Yorkshire Partner Councils
District/ Area West Yorkshire
Business case summary Various - See individual Projects
Funding West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund - £77 million
Project Status Various - See individual Projects
Start and end dates 2017 - 2026
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Other funders None

This page was last updated in February 2024.

Phase 1 Projects

  1. Bradford A6177 Outer Ring Road/Thornton Road

    The road suffers from congestions with junctions that cannot handle capacity. Traffic systems require updating with a remit for active travel included. The scheme involves a package of measures to improve highway efficiency for the benefit of all road users along part of the A6177 Outer Ring Road which forms part of the West Yorkshire Key Route Network (KRN).

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  2. Bradford Great Horton Road

    This scheme will provide a new link road between the junction at Horton Park Avenue/Cecil Avenue and the junction at All Saints Road/Dirkhill Road junction.

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  3. Calderdale A58 A672

    A package of small‐scale transport interventions on the A58/A672 corridor focused on highway improvements, along with improving facilities for active modes.

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  4. Calderdale A646/A6003 Corridor

    The scheme will deliver a multimodal package of improvements to address identified pinch points, improve resilience to incidents and weather events and encourage modal shift along the A646/A6033.

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  5. Kirklees A62 Smart Corridor

    A corridor improvement programme to maximise the increase in employment and productivity of growth and to achieve a carbon neutral impact at the package level offering active travel and modal shift options.

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  6. Kirklees Huddersfield Southern Corridor

    This scheme aims to deliver public realm improvements to the Queensgate / Shorehead section of Huddersfield Ring Road, making it a more attractive environment for pedestrians and cyclists whilst also delivering journey time benefits to motorised traffic.

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  7. Leeds Dawson's Corner

    Dawson’s Corner is a key junction between Leeds (10km west) and Bradford (5km east) located on the Ring Road in Pudsey. There are currently no crossing facilities on Bradford Road. There are pedestrian and cycle crossings on all other arms

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  8. Leeds Fink Hill

    This scheme forms part of the Corridor Improvement Programme, a mixture of low and medium cost highway interventions on the Key Route Network (KRN).

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  9. Leeds Dyneley Arms

    Dyneley Arms is a key junction on the A660 and A658 between Leeds (12km SE), Bradford (13km SW) and Harrogate (12km NE). The junction, due to its remote location, currently has no specific pedestrian or cycle facilities.

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