Kirklees A62 Smart Corridor

A corridor improvement programme to maximise the increase in employment and productivity of growth and to achieve a carbon neutral impact at the package level offering active travel and modal shift options.

To increase capacity on the A62 to a level which can accommodate the predicted demand from the level of residential and employment growth around the corridor. Easing congestion issues which are a lead cause of air quality issues, slow peak journey times and an inefficient highway network but building in a more sustainable transport network and modal shift from the private car.

The scheme seeks to improve access to existing and proposed employment sites, the Cooper Bridge Enterprise Zone and the strategic and primary route network along with improve the safety of the A62 road corridor, alongside improving the detrimental environmental issues.

Enhancing the accessibility of potential housing growth allocations in the Local Plan, supporting housing and employment allocations through a sustainable transport network.

Project Lead Kirklees Council
District/ Area Kirklees
Funding West Yorkshire plus Transport Fund- £8.35 million
Project Status Activity 6 - Closure and Review
Start and end dates December 2021 - June 2023
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Kirklees Council
Other funders None
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This page was last updated February 2024.