Leeds Dyneley Arms

Dyneley Arms is a key junction on the A660 and A658 between Leeds (12km SE), Bradford (13km SW) and Harrogate (12km NE). The junction, due to its remote location, currently has no specific pedestrian or cycle facilities.

The proposal is for a ‘quick-win’ scheme involving technology and detection improvements, plus widening the centre of the junction to prevent right-turning vehicles from obstructing ahead movements.

It is anticipated that improved layout will lead to smoother flows and positive impact on air quality. Bus service journey times reliability, advanced stop lines for cyclist and potential new pedestrian crossing will promote alternative mode of transport.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area Leeds
Funding West Yorkshire + Transport Fund - £2.336 million
Project Status Activity 6 - Closure and Review
Start and end dates 2021 - August 2023
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Other funders None
Get in touch connectingleeds@leeds.gov.uk

This page was last updated in February 2024.