Leeds Fink Hill

This scheme forms part of the Corridor Improvement Programme, a mixture of low and medium cost highway interventions on the Key Route Network (KRN).

Fink Hill is located on the A6120 Outer Ring Road and forms a four arm signal controlled junction.

Pedestrian facilities at this junction are currently poor with only one pelican crossing on the A6120 (E), holding traffic across all three lanes. There are no formal crossings on Fink Hill, Parkside or A6120 (W). The junction currently experiences congestion which delays movement along the A6120.

The objectives of this scheme are to improve the local area for pedestrian and cycle safety, reduce severance between communities and jobs, increase journey time reliability and reduce traffic congestion and delays.

Project Lead Leeds City Council
District/ Area Leeds

West Yorkshire + Transport Fund - £3.257 million

Levelling Up Fund - £4.696 million

Project Status Activity 6 - Closure and Review
Start and end dates April 2022- January 2024
Delivery partners West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Other funders None
Get in touch connectingleeds@leeds.gov.uk

This page was last updated in February 2024.