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If you have been a victim of any crime, support is available.

Support services for victims

If you've been a victim of crime and need support, visit our supporting victims pages. Pages in this section detail the help available from Victim Support, the services commissioned by the Mayor in your area, and/or the Ministry of Justice.


Support for victims of stalking

Victim Support also offer a specialist service to support victims of domestic stalking, where the stalker is someone you know. 


Support after sexual assault or rape

In West Yorkshire, the Hazlehurst Centre offers free, confidential healthcare and support to anyone that has experienced sexual assault or rape in their lifetime.

Ring their 24/7 helpline: 0330 223 3617


Clare's Law

Police forces are allowed to disclose information to a potential victim and have a duty to protect members of the public from domestic abuse under the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme - also known as "Clare’s Law"

Find out more about Clare's Law

Sarah's Law

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme, sometimes called ‘Sarah’s Law’, allows parents, carers or guardians to formally ask the police for information about a person who has contact with their child, or a child close to them, if they’re concerned the person may pose a risk.

Find out more about Sarah's Law

NSPCC - Healthy Relationships

Advice for parents and carers on how to talk to their child about relationships, sex and consent.

Healthy relationships | NSPCC

A Guide to Consent

Consent happens when all people involved in any kind of sexual activity agree to take part by choice. They also need to have the freedom and capacity to make that choice.

What is sexual consent? | Rape Crisis England & Wales

Andy's Man Club

A men’s suicide prevention charity, offering free-to-attend peer-to-peer support groups across the United Kingdom and online. We want to end the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and help men through the power of conversation.

Andy's Man Club | #ITSOKAYTOTALK 

White Ribbon UK

All men can make a difference and stop violence against women before it starts.

White Ribbon UK


When you're living with a mental health problem, or supporting someone who is, having access to the right information is vital.