Terms and Conditions (Help us to Pay You on Time)

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Terms and Conditions (Help us to Pay You on Time)

Following a procurement process, the successful supplier(s)/service provider(s) will need setting up on our system; once this has been done suppliers will be receive a Purchase Order (PO) from the Combined Authority. Unless a specific contract has been signed, the relevant Terms and Conditions here are for goods and services.

Standard Purchase Order T&Cs - up to £10K

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority operates a ‘No Purchase Order, No Pay’ procedure. This means that we expect all invoices to be presented with an official purchase order number. This should be provided by the relevant officer in the West Yorkshire Combined Authority who purchases the goods or service with you and will ensure the uninterrupted processing of your invoice through our system.

Please be aware that the Combined Authority will return any invoices not in compliance with this procedure and asks that you always obtain a valid purchase order number on receipt of any order from West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

The supplier shall address all invoices to: 

West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Wellington House

Wellington Street

Leeds LS1 2DE

Or Finance@westyorks-ca.gov.uk

The amount shown on the invoice must include value added tax (VAT), or include a separate line of VAT charge(s) if applicable; please also note that your VAT registration number is clearly on point of invoice.

We are committed to paying all of our invoices as soon as possible but no later than 30 days upon receiving it, subject to all required information above being in place.

We look forward to a successful working relationship with your organisation.