We are keen for more powers to be devolved from central government to the City Region, giving the Combined Authority, the LEP and our members more say over long term planning and investment decisions on adult skills, transport, housing and support for small businesses.

Yorkshire councils and the Sheffield City Region Mayor are seeking a One Yorkshire devolution deal with Government that would see a historic transfer of powers and investment from Whitehall to our region – enabling the decisions that affect Yorkshire to be taken in Yorkshire, by people who know and understand the region. 

Securing a One Yorkshire devolution deal, including the creation of a One Yorkshire Mayor, would have huge benefits for our economy, for rural, coastal and urban communities across Yorkshire and for people’s quality of life. 

According to an independent economic study, One Yorkshire devolution could increase Yorkshire’s economic output by up to a £30 billion a year, equating to £5,400 per person per year over 20 years. 

At a meeting with the Communities Secretary in March, it was agreed that officers from One Yorkshire authorities will begin work with Government officials to address points raised in the One Yorkshire submission and interim arrangements. A further meeting will be held later in the year. 

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