To achieve the priorities and outcomes in the Police and Crime Plan, we commission a number of different providers to help with the delivery of services, which will benefit the communities of West Yorkshire, reduce crime and help victims to cope and recover from the harm they have suffered. It is through a combination of partnership working and working with West Yorkshire Police that the Plan will be delivered, and ensure that the communities of West Yorkshire are safe.

Overview of all the contracts and grants planned and allocations made from the Ministry of Justice Victims Funding for the financial year 2022/23 (PDF 244KB)
Please note this will updated intermittently through the financial year.

Commissioning community based service delivery – Contracts and Grants 2020-21 (PDF 299KB)

Commissioning community based service delivery – Contracts and Grants 2019-20 (PDF 347KB)


What is commissioning?

Commissioning is the way we plan, buy, deliver and evaluate services for the communities of West Yorkshire. Commissioning includes;

  • Commissioning new services.
  • Re-commissioning a successful service.
  • Varying a commissioned service to respond to changing need or resources or legislation.
  • Decommissioning a service that is no longer required or where the provider has failed to comply with requirements.


Our commissioning Principles

The following principles will be applied to the commissioning process within West Yorkshire. The principles set out how we will manage our process either as a single commissioner of goods and services, or in any collaborative or joint arrangements with partners.

View the Commissioning Principles (PDF 80KB)


Our Commissioning Strategy 2018-2021

Our Commissioning Strategy sets out the principles and framework we use to ensure that all commissioning decisions are undertaken openly and transparently, and are informed and supported by evidence. All our decisions are published on our website on the Decision Making pages.

The role of the third sector (voluntary, community, faith-based and social enterprise organisations) is very important in our local communities and we value the role they play. Wherever possible we want to ensure that this potential is maximised by supporting the third sector as much as possible to develop solutions in line with the Police and Crime Plan.

View the Commissioning Strategy 2018-2021 (PDF 1.46MB)


Our Commissioning Process and De-commissioning

In order to be fair, transparent and consistent, all commissioning and grant funding activity will follow our agreed commissioning or de-commissioning processes. This will ensure that that any investment is in line with the Police and Crime Plan and needs analysis, and is aligned to strategic commissioning intentions.

View the agreed commissioning process (PDF 128KB)

View more information about de-commissioning (PDF 76KB)


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