Mayor of West Yorkshire, to Chair the ‘M10’ Group of Metro Mayors

Tracy Brabin, England’s first woman metro mayor, has been chosen to chair the influential M10 mayoral group.

6 May 2022

Tracy Brabin, England’s first woman metro mayor, has been chosen to chair the influential M10 mayoral group, taking over from former Mayor of South Yorkshire, Dan Jarvis. The M10 compromises the ten Metro Mayors, who between them represent more than 20 million people and nearly 50% of England’s GDP.

Tracy and her mayoral colleagues across England hold significant powers and provide a strong voice for their communities on key issues such as transport, levelling up and housing.

The cross-party M10 group of English Metro Mayors work together and press government on strategic policy areas such transport, climate, skills, funding and devolution.  More than eight in ten people favour more devolution to their regions, and the M10 group helps champion that.  

Picking up the chair position from Dan Jarvis MP, Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin said:

“It’s a real privilege to take over as Chair of the M10, working closely with my mayoral colleagues across parties to make the case for further devolution and learn from each other’s successes in addressing our shared challenges.

“I would like to thank Dan for his support to me, personally and for the unswerving sense of duty he has demonstrated while in office. As Chair he has helped to strengthen our collective voice for our regions. 

“With the government’s commitment to levelling up, the time is right for mayors across England to work with Westminster to move decision-making closer to the people and ensure decisions are taken in the best interests of our communities.”

Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central said: “It’s been an honour to chair the M10. It has a hugely important role to play. Metro Mayors are giving a powerful voice to their regions and transforming our country’s political landscape in the process. The government needs to engage with this new reality – and the M10 is one of the central forums to do that.

The challenge now is to make that partnership work so we can deliver the progress we all want. Mayors have a critical role to play in tackling vital challenges like levelling up and the zero carbon transition. If the government does not engage with them, it will be to the detriment of the whole country.  

“I know that Tracy will do a sterling job in her new role as chair of the M10, working with and where necessary challenging Government, fostering collaboration across regions, and continuing to advance the case for greater devolution. Just as she is a champion for West Yorkshire, she will be a powerful champion for Mayors across England.”