Senior Staff

The Mayor will publish information about senior employees in the Policing and Crime Department i.e. those earning over £58,200.

Job Title Name Salary paid
Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Alison Lowe £72,000
Head of Policing and Crime Janine Nelson £95,000 (one year fixed term)

If you would like to contact a member of senior staff you can write to Ploughland House, 62 George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DL.


Senior Staff Expenses

Expenses for senior staff are below. The Deputy for Policing and Crime officially started in August and the Head of Policing and Crime's expenses are from 10th May 2021 onwards, when responsibility for exercising the functions of the Police and Crime Commissioner transferred to the Mayor.


Expenses 2021 - Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Alison Lowe 

August 2021 - No expenses claimed


Expenses 2021 - Head of Policing and Crime, Janine Nelson 

May 2021 - No expenses claimed

June 2021 - No expenses claimed

July 2021 - No expenses claimed

August 2021 - No expenses claimed


To see previous expenses from before 10th May 2021 visit